6th BioBalkan Expo 2015

Dear friends,

It is our great privilege to invite you to take part at the IFOAM supported, 6th BioBalkan Expo 2015 which is taking place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 16 – 19 of September, 2015.

Please, find bellow the links for the Invitation, Contract and Exhibition Guide for the 6th BioBalkan Expo 2015, as well as the video link to the recorded 3rd BioBalkan Expo 2012.

Invitation, Contract and Exhibitors Guide.

For any additional information, you are most welcome to communicate the contacts provided in the Invitation letter.

For all further information, please contact:
A & L EXPO, 11070 Novi Beograd, Vladimira Popovica 6,
Tel + 381 11 711 1685; fax + 381 11 711 4123,
e-mail: office.alexpo@gmail.com | www.alexpo.co.rs | www.bioslavija.rs