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GON Overview

About us


GON – Global Organic Network – is a team project between ABC Enterprises Inc. and external experts.


ABC Enterprises is a service company registered in Japan with over 40 years of business experience in the Japanese market. We are a small but flexible and highly efficient team of specialists in various fields.

What started off as a business mainly focused on language services has over the years become a company capable of offering comprehensive services in the field of business, media, and trade fairs.

“Always Better Communication” is our motto that has remained unchanged since the beginning. It implies that we are dedicating ourselves to meet the needs of our customers by getting his points accross.

Our Services


Our services include business, media, and trade fair services such as:

A)     Business (Consulting, Language and Matchmaking Services)

We offer interpretation and translation services in Japanese, German, and English. These services are not only limited to Japan but we also maintain contracts with German interpreters and Japanese nationals living in Germany.

One of our particular strenghts in this field is our ability to provide our customers with an interpreter who is experienced in trade fairs. Having such a professional at one’s side ensures the success of an exhibition and delivers measurable business results. Moreover, we also maintain a wide network of translators to choose from, depending on the degree of difficulty and content of the manuscript.

As a business agent specialized on Japan we offer our customers comprehensible matchmaking services. Thanks to our long term experience in domestic business we give them what it takes to access the Japanese market efficiently.

(Please contact us for further information.)


B)     Media

As media specialists, we offer a full range of professional media selction and production services to help our customers penetrate the Japanese media. These include: organizing of press conferences, providing media data, writing or translating newspaper ads or press releases, and translation of academic documents or catalogues.

C)     Trade Fairs


ABC is engaged in all aspects of trade fair services, including a variety of services. For almost 20 years we worked as representative of NürnbergMesse and until 2012 as co-organizer of BioFach/Natural Expo Japan.

ABC has been assigned by Deutsche Messe AG/Hannover Fairs for media/PR work, networking and marketing support in Japan.

Contact Us


We will be happy to explain the above mentioned services in detail. Feel free to contact us.

 Managing Director: Heinz Kuhlmann                      (In charge of GON —  International)

Managing Director: Mitsuyo Nakamura                    ( in charge of  GON — Japan)

Global Organic Network


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Representative: Heinz W.  Kuhlmann





GON Overview

The Goal of this Portal: Creating a Global Organic Network

In recent years the organic movement has spread all over the world, and organic products have moved out of a small niche for environment- and health-conscious consumers into the main stream. Nowadays such products are available in many shops and the interest of consumers is growing continuously.

In spite of this development the networking in the organic world is still limited and insufficient in many respects. The internet provides a lot of information about products, manufacturers, distributors, as well as about the movement, associations, organizations and media. However, finding an overview, practical information and links to other sources with the required contents remains difficult.

Our portal “Global Organic Network” aims at closing this gap and connecting a wide range of organizations, producers, distributors, consumers, media, services etc. from different countries and regions.

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