ASEAN+3 Organic Agriculture Forum kicks off in BKK

BANGKOK, 25 June 2015 – Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research has launched the ASEAN+3 Organic Agriculture Forum to provide opportunities for member countries to promote cooperative research in organic agriculture.

ASEAN+3 Organic Agriculture Forum brings together specialists, researchers and representatives from the ten Southeast Asian countries, as well as China, Japan and South Korea. Participants update one another on the latest technologies, innovations and domestic outlook on organic agriculture in their individual countries.

Organic farming is a form of agriculture that promotes sustainable health of the ecosystem through the use of such techniques as crop rotation, natural fertilizers and biological pest-control.

Aside from sharing the latest developments, the meeting provides a platform for members to discuss obstacles to the improvement of organic farming and production. The meeting is expected to pave the way for joint research and collaborations in the future.

ASEAN+3 Organic Agriculture Forum is being held between June 24 and 25 at Rama Garden Hotel, Bangkok.

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