Beauty label claims: What matters to consumers?


Despite a lack of clarity about its definition, “all natural” reigns above other beauty and skin care product claims when it comes time for consumers to pull out their wallets, according to a new survey.

As it has in the food industry, use of the term “natural” has caused consumer confusion and legal action in the personal care industry, too. Yet consumers still place a high value on products that carry the label, according to a new Nielsen survey.

Among the many claims that have emerged as consumer demand for cleaner and greener personal care products has exploded, “all natural” and “not tested on animals” are among the top five that men and women collectively say they’re willing to pay more for, the survey found.

Of course, in the absence of standards, a label is only a label. The most responsible and committed natural beauty companies will demonstrate that their products are backed by science or pursue third-party certifications.

Here’s more insight from the survey.

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