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The boom for natural/organic (a clear distinction is sometimes difficult) body care products and cosmetics began about 30 years ago in Germany and some other countries. Therefore, several leading brands such as Dr. Hauschka, Lavera, Logana and Weleda (with production in Switzerland and Germany) are of German origin.
During the following decades these products expanded all over the world and also reached Japan. After the USA, Japan is the second largest market for cosmetics and the still rather small share of organic cosmetics is continuously growing.
In contrast to organic foodstuff with clear and strict regulations, natural/organic body care products and cosmetics are by law not subject to certification. However, certain quality standards are ensured by respected associations and certifiers, among them Ecocert, COSMEBIO (France) and BDIH (Germany).
Until now most natural cosmetics are imported, mainly from Germany and other European countries. However, many products from other countries – Australia, USA and Asia – are already competing in this attractive market and Japanese companies are also developing their own brands. Because of high retail prices ordering over the internet is popular amoung female consumers.