Coordinate anniversaries with vegetables. Organic arrangement of Farmer’s Yard

Multicolored vegetables displayed on the wedding table. Cute small vegetables placed in a box for your birthday presents and other gifts. Shown above is an elegant vegetable arrangement of Farmer ‘s Yard

All vegetables are grown on soil prepared on their own farms of 3 acres (900 tsubo), and cultivated without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They are cultivated with a method called companion plants, one of the natural farming methods of planting mutually compatible plants that exert good influences by planting in the same place.

Several kinds of vegetables are planted in one ridge

Mr. Suzuki, the managing director, is a former florist. His experience with flowers, flower arrangements and bouquets are used for his current work. His wife and partner Aya is qualified as a vegetable sommelier. They have found the world’s unique vegetable seeds and are tailoring them to mini-sized vegetables by their own cultivation method.

Small and cute vegetables

Based the thought that many people would like to eat different vegetables everyday, 365 varieties of seasonal vegetables are grown annually, changing every season. Just watching, veggies gives comfort and energy.

Vegetable arrangements are in high demand, and reservations are required one week in advance. Farmer ‘s Yard will decide the whole image by advance counseling depending on the occasion, such as of shop openings celebrations and birthdays, age, favorite color etc.

Mr. Suzuki started farming in 2011. Three years ago, with advice from farmers, he began to make vegetable bouquets with Kale and Wasabi. But, unlike flowers, it is a challenge to do this with vegetables. So, by trial and error, he came up with the idea of fixing the veggies to a water-absorbing sponge so that they can retain the moisture, and he was able to handle delivery as well.

H. Suzuki – a Farmer and Creator

Recently, half of the workshop near the field is used as an atelier, and lessons of vegetable arrangements tailored to the season are also given. He also take many business trips to party venues and other events.

The word atelier is perfect for a vegetable arrangement with a sense of fashion. At weddings, not only the decoration of the hall but also the bouquets on the tables are coordinated with vegetables. The vegetables adorned on the tables are a delightful gift for the guests.

Coordinate the bouquet according to the event

Such displays are also attractive for receptions and parties where overseas guests gather. Arrangements of organic vegetables are beautiful, and when you look at them you may want to eat them. Farmer ‘s Yard anticipate a growing demand for this kind of decoration.
Farmer’s Yard