Crayonhouse celebrates its 40th anniversary.

DPWvGhou0_j6xq61450059391_1450059415On December 5th 1976 Crayonhouse opened in Omotesando a small 60 sqm shop and tea room with picture books. Since I was a child I always wanted a relaxing space for reading. The floor space and the range of books and other products grew in the following years, and 10 years later our shop was moved to the current location.

On the first floor is a store with about 50,000 children’s books. The second floor specializes in attractive and safe wooden toys and games. The third floor is devoted to natural and organic cosmetics and fashion and books for women. In the basement are a shop for organic vegetables and processed food and an organic restaurant with outdoor terrace.
In Osaka (Suita-shi, Esaka) we have a store with the same concept and contents as in Tokyo.

Our shops and restaurants also serve a social function and connect writers and readers, producers and consumers in meetings and with various events. For a healthy lifestyle Crayonhouse offers a wide variety of organic food and non-food products.
The 40-year theme of Crayonhouse is ” Supporting children, women and the elderly and contributing to a healthy society from an organic point of view”.

Nowadays we are facing many problems, and there a few good news. Under such circumstances we should reflect and think what to do. For this we also need a suitable place.

Thank you for your support!.

December 2015

Keiko Ochiai

● Katsumi Komagata’s logo for our 40 anniversary


To commemorate the 40th anniversary, Katsumi Komagata a well-known writer-designer of children’s books, designed a logo for Crayonhouse 2016. We will use this logo in our shops, for original wrapping paper, cookie boxes and other products.

Crayon House Original Goods:


● Crayonhouse Picture Book Award Contest 2016

For the 40th anniversary we also organize a “Crayonhouse picture book award contest” and invite you to participate.