Crayonhouse – Organic Specialty Shop – Natural Cosmetics, Textiles, Picture Books & Wooden Toys

Crayonhouse is based on the theme of “thinking about culture from the point of view of children. Thinking about culture from the point of view of women. And thinking about culture from an organic point of view.”

We have shops in two locations, in Tokyo (Omotesando) and in Osaka (Esaka). Our Tokyo shop includes also an organic restaurant. We also operate a home delivery service called “Veggies Member.” This service is available to anyone in Japan.

Crayonhouse Flyer

Crayonhouse’s Company Philosophy
From Keiko Ochiai, President

Ochiai Keiko

A society in which children and women, and also persons with disabilities, can live easily is a highly livable society for everybody, isn’t it?
In 1976, when the company was founded, society was male-centered, able-bodied person-centered and adult-centered, and wanting to knock in a wedge, even if only to a slight extent, I came up with our company philosophy.
We aim to be a company that makes its decisions based on LOVE & PEACE, and the future of the next seven generations of children.
Ever since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident on March 11, 2011, we added an anti-nuclear stance and a constitution safeguarding stance to our mission statement, and have been holding study sessions accordingly.

On April 4, 2011, I began to write a blog.
Journal of silent spring (english translation)

Our Selling Style 

The products we carry are clearly identifiable in terms of who produced them, where and how. We would not be able to ensure safety and protect the environment if we did not do so. This is something that we have cherished in order to nurture the kindness of heart so important for people’s lives.
We purchase outright almost all of the products we sell at Crayonhouse.
If we tell producers that we will return any products left unsold, they won’t be able to produce with any confidence. To be able to purchase outright our products, we must carefully choose them. We buy outright even books, which are usually handled on a consignment basis. To do so, we need to read these books first.
Crayonhouse holds a “New Book Meeting” once a month for that purpose.
We all get together to read new books and decide which ones to put in our shops. This is what makes us specialty shops.
I intend for us to continue being specialty shops “where you can find specialists.”
Our specialty shops also bring together writers and customers.
Connecting book writers, toy makers, field cultivators, and fashion creators to customers is a big responsibility but also fun work.
Indeed such work ought to be fun and cheerful. And this too is our aim at Crayonhouse.
Culture is something that ought to be spread with good fun and cheer, right?
On September 1, 2012, we launched three shops as Crayonhouse Online.
The environment around us is rapidly changing.
I believe that our responsibility to foster culture is especially marked in the current online era. I will continue to think in earnest about the way our shops and E-shops should evolve in this era. I look forward to your suggestions and support..