Crayonhouse Veggie Box – “Best from the West”

Home Delivery “Organic Town” changed to “Best from the West”



After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Crayonhouse switched suppliers for agricultural products handled in the shop front vegetable market ·and restaurant and for home delivery to organic farmers from  Western Japan. 

Until now we did not have our own distribution system for veggie boxes, and the delivery of the boxes (together with a Japanese catalog for other products) was made by “POD” (Polan Organic Delivery Co., Ltd.). Finally, we could set up our own system with a distribution center in Osaka. All veggie boxes with vegetables from contracted organic farmers in Western Japan are delivered from there.

The new system will facilitate the whole process including payments, also offers additional products and services. After a test-run in October, the system will go into full-scale operation from November 2017.  — Most customers (with the exception of some remote regions) will receive their box one day earlier which improves the freshness of vegetables.


Outline of services and changes

■ Instead of three types of veggie boxes offered until now, we will offer two boxes.

     Box 1 with 6 organic farm products for families

Weekly price 2,500 Yen (tax included). Plus shipping fee 540 yen + cool packages 324 Yen (extra charges for deliveries to Hokkaido and Okinawa.)

    ● Box 2 for small households / same contents as for box 1, but with half the volume

Weekly price 1,600 yen (tax included) plus shipping fee 540 yen + cool packages 324 yen (extra charges for deliveries to Hokkaido ·and Okinawa).

Joining the veggie club is free of charge.




■ The Japanese catalog “Earth’s GENKI” will be replaced by a new catalog (in Japanese and English) “Veggie Box: Best from the West 2017/2018”.

Current and new members will receive this catalog from November with their first box. Flyers with information about additional and new products are in the weekly boxes.

“Veggie Box: Best from the West” ensures the highest quality of certified organic vegetables produced in Japan – free of possible radiation caused by the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. All boxes with fresh vegetables are shipped from Osaka store one day earlier than before.


■ Crayonhouse has supported organic farming for 25 years.

Organic agriculture does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides and is free of GMO. Furthermore, it is also conscious of nature, environment, and sustainability.

■ Guidelines and regulations  for organic products

· Based on organic JAS certification or overseas organic certification
· Cultivated · harvested or manufactured and properly labeled complying with laws, regulations, and other guidelines
· Both domestic and overseas products can specify their origin
· For processed food the raw materials and manufacturing processes are clearly explained.

Many other organic food and non-food products are available at the Crayohhouse shops in Tokyo and Osaka and can also be ordered from the website. Organic Food Variety, Organic Cosmetics,·Organic Miscellaneous Goods, Organic Pet Food. The products will be delivered separately from the Veggie Box.

The catalog “Veggie Box: Best from the West 2017/2018”  will be published soon.  
Catalog request form


For additional information and  inquiries:
Crayon House Osaka store “Best from the West” Center
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Telephone 06-6338-3006 FAX 06-6330-8075

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