Organic Kale Powder — the first certified organic JAS Aojiru


ENSEKI AOJIRU INC. has grown organic kale since its establishment. We are the first company getting the certification of organic JAS and exhibiting organic kale at BioFach Japan in 2001.

The vegetable kale is familiar to people in Europe and other countries. In particularly, the kale in the winter has thick leaves, dark colors, high nutritional values, and increased sweetness. Therefore, we grow it with organic fertilizer only in winter. The kale powder we produce is without additives and is dried with infrared rays at a low temperature in order to preserve nutritional values. Just by dissolving it in water or milk, you can easily take the kale to supplement your diet with the nutrition of carotene-rich vegetables. The flavor has a natural taste, and neither chemicals nor additive are used. Therefore, even children will like it.

Product category:
Aojiru (green juice)
Places of origin:
Ehime Prefecture
Place of processing:
Package size:
60g(2 g x 30)
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store it in a cool
and dark place
2 years from production date
imgEnsekiAojiru_Enseki-AojiruMade from 100% organic kale grown in Ehime, Shikoku region in Western Japan. Carefully dried with infrared rays in order to preserve the nutritional value, it is prepared in granulated form without additives. Easy to carry with you and to use any time as a supplement with nutritious elements from this carotene-rich vegetable.

imgEnsekiAojiru_Organic-BlackGarlicMade with 100% organic garlic grown in Ehime. A fermentation process increases the nutritious value, for example in polyphenols, and gives the cloves a sweet and sour taste, similar to prunes or fruit gum and makes them easy to consume. The typical garlic smell is no longer noticeable.


Kale is a native of the Southern Italy and belongs to the species of cabbage and broccoli, which contain 57 kinds of nutrients, such as beta-carotene, calcium, gamma-aminobutyric acid, essential amino acids, vitamin C, folic acid and dietary fibers.