February 10-11 Miso making class at Crayonhouse in Aoyama, Tokyo

When making miso, it is ideal to prepare the miso every year from January to February when it is cold. In winter, there are few germs in the air, and koji and miso ferment smoothly.

Traditionally, Miso has been prepared and made at home by many families.So the word “Temae-Miso” (Miso made at home) was born.

In GON Japanese site  introduced the process of making “Temae-Miso” in 2015. It is an annual event at Crayonhouse in Aoyama, Tokyo.

This year, it will be held on February 10 (Mon) and 11 (Tuesday/Holiday).

Mr. Hashimoto from Yasaka Kyodo Farm (Hamada-city, Shimane prefecture), famous for “living Miso”, was invited as a lecturer. The presentation is scheduled for about 2 hours and will end at 16:50. Registration begins at 15:10).

High quality organic ingredients are prepared and included in the participation fee. The ingredients are prepared and the soybeans are already boiled.So you can join with just an apron and a bandana. Please be sure to make a reservation.

[Miso making class]

Lecturer: Mr. Hashimoto, Yasaka Kyodo Farm (Shimane prefecture)
The date and time: Monday, February 10, 2019, 11th Tuesday/holiday 15: 10-16: 50
Venue: Crayonhouse Tokyo Restaurant “Hiroba”
Capacity: 40 people in each class
Participation fee: 4500 yen including material cost for Yasaka rice Miso set for 2kg Miso. Each participant will receive base material for for preparing 2 kg Miso at home.
What to bring: Apron, triangular bandana and a pestle. If you are worried, you can wear a mask.
Reservations are required.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to info@organicnetwork.jp. Please let us know your desired date and number of participants.

People who cannot attend the class, can purchase ingredients at Crayon House Tokyo store and on the Internet until March 1st. The procedure for making miso is quite easy.
If you can’t participate, why not buy the ingredients and try to make “Temae-Miso” yourself.


The procedure for making miso is very simple.
1. Mix well mashed boiled soybeans with salted Koji(malted rice).
2. Roll it to make a dumpling and throw it at the bottom of the storage container.
3. Drain air to crush the dumplings, sprinkle with salt and put weight on it.

When it is aged for more than half a year in a cool dark place, “Temae-Miso” is ready for use.The taste is exceptional.

Comment from participants:
“Delicious miso is made every year and it’s fun!”, “It was very fun in my first experience.”,”I understood the explanation well !” There are many people saying that all the materials are available and that the next one will be made in the same way.

Please let us know your desired date and number of participants by e-mail:info@organicnetwork.jp