First Certified Organic Hotel in Japan

Yasuesou, the first organic hotel in Japan (and Asia), certified by the Japan Bio-Hotel Association was officially opened on 22 May 2015. Over 100 guests, among them officials from Ikeda city, Nagano prefecture, media and other organizations participated in the opening ceremony and reception.


3▲ Mr. Kazuhiko Nakaishi, representative director of Bio-Hotels Japan Association, presents the certificate to Mrs Hiroko Kitajo, president of Kamitsure Kenkyusho.

▲Bio-Hotel certificate awarded to Yasuesou

Yasuesou is embedded in nature and surrounded by organic German chamomile fields. Kamitsure Kenkyusho uses chamomile for producing shampoos and other body care and health products.


In pursuit of peace of mind, safety, and comfort without compromise the existing inn was reformed to a BIO HOTEL based on the criteria of the European Bio/Organic Hotel Association (based in Austria). All building materials, furniture, bedding, towels etc. are natural materials free of chemicals.

Upon entering the building, guests are welcomed by the fragrant scent of various kinds of wood: Chestnut, cedar, red pine, cherry, ash, Nara oak and more. Solid wood from Nagano prefecture, such as cypress is used for the floors, ceilings and pillars.

The names of the trees are also used for the guest rooms. The air in the rooms surrounded by these natural materials is very clean and refreshing.

A brief tour through the hotel

Cafeteria and Dining Room
7Dining room with a bright and relaxing atmosphere. The kitchen area can also be used by guests for their own cooking and workshops, such as cooking classes.

8 Focusing on organic vegetables cultivated on Yasuesou’s own farm and dishes using local and traditional ingredients.

Communal Bath with a view into nature


The bath water is enriched with chamomile extract which spreads a pleasant aroma and ensures relaxation. Of course, all towels are made of 100% organic cotton.

11 Mattress, comforters, pillows, blankets, etc. all made of 100% organic cotton.

Multipurpose Room and Veranda


For yoga and gymnastics or just for relaxing on the deck


Other special features which are not visible but very important for a real organic hotel:

O Following the guidelines and recommendations of the Bio-Hotel Association, Yasuesou is using organic detergents for cleaning, washing dishes, towels and bed sheets. Therefore, no chemical are discharged into nature.

O Another often overlooked problem is the CO2 to discharge from heating equipment and sources at the facility. For this purpose a wood chip boiler made in Austria was imported and installed. Using this boiler suppresses the CO2 emissions in places where a large amount of energy such as bath and floor heating is required, by making use of chips made by crushing local dead trees, twigs and shrub. Currently, there are only two of these environment-friendly systems installed in Japan.


Nagano Prefecture, Kitaazumi-gun, Ikeda Gwangjin 4098 Tel: 0261-62-9119
●Rates:1 adult13,000yen with half board- (excluding tax and service charge)
●bathing every Sunday 11: 00 – 18:00
Adults: 500 yen/children 300 yen(elementary school or younger)
●Closed: Every Wednesday, first and third Tuesday