France's organic market stabilises | GON
The organic market as a whole reached €4.5 billion in 2013.  Sales for domestic use increased by 9% whilst turnover in the mass catering sector stabilised (+1.8% compared to 2012).  A promising sector over the last few years that has seen it’s market double since 2009.
School canteens are the number one mass catering establishments that offer organic produce (79% of establishments).  Work canteens follow (55%) then health organisation canteens (27%).  The sector has stabilised mainly thanks to consumers turning to ”local” organic (83% of establishments buy organic produce from France).  1 in 5 establishments that do not offer organic produce intend to do so.
The 26,500 organic farmers in France farm 1,060,000 ha (3.93% of UAA), which puts them third place within the EU, behind Spain and Italy, but ahead of Germany.  This represents 10% of total organic surface in the EU.  The French organic market is the second most important in the EU and has been rising steadily since 2007.