Gumma Konjak Park

Enjoy Traditional Japanese Food Culture and Fee Smorgasbord-Style Buffet

Shirataki—noodles made from yam—has been focused as dietetic food in Europe and the United States. This report picks up an article about a theme park featuring konjak (jelly-like food made from yam) from the Sankei News.

Gumma prefecture located in the suburbs of Tokyo, produce 61,700 tons of yam, which is the highest volume in Japan. This production volume accounts for over 90% of the entire production in Japan.

”We will introduce the traditional Japanese food culture and delicious taste of konjac to people in the world.” With this vision, Yokoo Daily Foods—the largest producer of konjac in Japan—opened the Konjac Museum within its plant in 2011. This museum was renewed into Konjac Park on April 26, 2014 during new factory construction.

This park is segmented into three zones: Jelly Production, Konjac and Shirataki Production, and Smorgasbord and Souvenir Production.

Jelly Production, and Konjac and Shirataki Production introduce the history and production method of konjac jelly were introduced with panels. Visitors can actually view the production lines downward. Visual explanation on detailed production processes that is invisible without observing in close-up is prepared by means of video by the production process.

Smorgasbord and Souvenir Production Zone sells goods exclusive to the park and specialty goods of Gumma. Besides, visitors will enjoy smorgasbord-style buffet featured by at least 20 types of food containing konjac.

This zone is provided with a kitchen for cooking experience. Visitors can learn how to make konjac from the very first step. This learning course is charged, but plant tour and smorgasbord-type buffet are free of charge. A family of four was happy with the service of the park: “Both adults and children can enjoy the service without charge. That’s fantastic!”




Source: The Sankei News