How to make Amazake (Sweet Sake)


Ingredients (for sweet sake 720ml)
• Rice koji (mold) 200g
• Water 500 cc
* Electric rice cooker, yogurt maker or thermos can
* Thermometer

1. Switch on the thermal insulation function of rice cooker (or other kitchen appliance) to preheat. Then, put the hot water in rice cooker, allowed to cool to 60 ℃
2. Put the rice malt in hot water at 60 ℃, mix it lightly and wait for 4 hours (saccharification time).
* Note: the temperature must not to become more than 65 ℃
3. The saccharification is completed in 3-4 hours. Taste increases when you add a pinch of salt.

* If you use a yogurt maker, the saccharification will take 6-7 hours.