How to make Salt Koji(Shio-koji)


Ingredients and Preparation
• Rice koji (mold) 300 g
• Sea salt 80 g
• Water 450 cc
* Preservation container (not made of metal)

1. Put the rice koji and salt in the preservation container which is sterilized with boiling water and mix it by hand to crush the rice koji.
2. Pour water into the container until the mixture of rice koji and the salt is covered and mix it with a spoon or wooden spatula.
3. Put the lid on the container and maintain it at normal temperature: in warm room for 7-10 days in the winter season, in summer about 5 days.
4. Mix it once a day from the bottom of the container so that fermentation becomes uniform. When fermentation advances, the Shio-koji developes full flavour and the taste of salt becomes mellow. Then it is completed and ready for use.
5. You must keep Shio-koji in the refrigerator and it can be used for about 3 months.
The quantity of Shio-koji to be used for dishes is approximately 10% of the amount of fish, meat or vegetables.