Italian embassy holds organic food seminar

The Italian trade agency at the Italian embassy, in cooperation with Bioagricoop Scrl, held its first organic food seminar and workshop at Pacific Place shopping mall in South Jakarta on Tuesday.
The event was held as part of the Buonguorno Italia lifestyle and trade event that runs from Oct. 8 through Nov. 2.
The workshop featured organic versions of foods common to the Mediterranean diet, including extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, cereal, fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese, meat, cookies and coffee; all certified by EU-recognized certification bodies.
Chairman of the Indonesian Food Association (GAPMMI) Adhi S. Lukman, who attended the workshop, said he was optimistic that organic food could thrive in Indonesia. However, he also highlighted the need for the standardization of organic product certification procedures.
Among the workshop participants were Indonesian food and beverage importers, producers and distributors, as well as Italian restaurants.