KAMITSUREN—the bathwater additive made from pure camomile extract grown in Japan


The production process of the KAMITSUREN bathwater additive made by Kamitsure Laboratory starts with the preparation of the soil to grow German chamomile as raw ingredient. The KAMITSUREN series includes skincare products that provide comfort to all users.

The KAMITSUREN bathwater additive uses only the extract of German chamomile in an unheated process (patented). The German chamomile used for this bath additive is grown with organic fertilizer in Japan.
This is a healthy bathwater additive made of the pure extract of chamomile, which features an active ingredient on moisture retention and inflammation. Under the policy—do not use any agent other than active ingredients, the KAMITSUREN is made of natural raw materials. No ingredient that could be harmful to humans are used. Any user with sensitive skin can safely use this bathwater additive.

Product category:
Healthy bathwater additive
Places of origin:
Japan (Ingredient: German chamomile)
Place of processing:
Package size:
400 ml
Three years for unopened package; six months for opened package


Do not be surprised at the dark liquid of KAMITSUREN. The liquid has black color because the ingredient has pure German chamomile extract. The liquid does not stain the bathwater. The bathwater with KAMITSUREN gives out a scent of German chamomile, relieving your stress and mental exhaustion.


The German chamomile extract uses flowers as well as stems and leaves to extract the active ingredient. Without synthetic perfume, artificial color, or mineral oil, we have consistently produced KAMITSUREN for 30 years with the same recipe and received a very positive response from many users.


The Kamitsure extract factory–our farm located in the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture— also operates Yasueso, which is lodging facilities featuring therapeutic baths. We have proactively conducted social activities providing patients suffering from breast cancer and atopic dermatitis with opportunities of healthy and relaxing bathing.