The World’s First Sake Granted Organic Certification from Three Regions


The organic junmai sake (sake made exclusively from rice and water) AKIRA is made of edible rice. It does not use the type of sake rice which is generally used for producing fermented liquor. AKIRA features rich flavor and honey color as in ears of rice, creating a strong impression on sake drinkers.

The raw material for the organic junmai sake AKIRA is organic rice (granted three certifications), cultivated by the veteran farmer Akira Imura. Using the rich water of Kanazawa, it is brewed in the traditional method where rice turns into the sake with a deep rustic flavor.
You will enjoy the pronounced rice flavor and taste when you sip a shot glass of warm sake (about 40°C)—a way of drinking recommended. Sake changes its flavor depending on the temperature, and so you can enjoy the sake in various ways. Find your favorite temperature and pair the sake with various kinds of food.

Product category:
Places of origin of rice:
Ishikawa Prefecture
Place of processing:
Package size:
720 ml
15°C or lower recommended


Only 10 brewers are granted an organic certification among 1,400 brewers in Japan as of April, 2011. AKIRA was certified as organic sake in three regions—Japan (organic liquor certification), Europe (EU), and the United States (USDA).


For sake brewing normally the core part of the rice where pure starch is rich are used. In this process rice grains are ground. To produce AKIRA, we did not grind the rice grains to get the best of genuine rice flavor. You can appreciate the flavor of rice similar to eating delicious rice, which is as rich in flavor as that of quality sake (ginjoshu) brewed from the finest rice.


Nakamura Brewing Incorporated was founded in the 1800s in Kanazawa. Since then, it has been brewing quality sake based on the inherited tradition, know-how a food culture.  The company also proactively conserves the environment through the trickling-filtration wastewater treatment without chemicals so that the water quality, which is an essential for sake brewing, will be ensured for a long time.