Organic Soybean Flour


The organic soybean flour is made of roasted and ground soybeans — the brand Ayakogane — produced by Kanazawa Daichi, Ltd. This soybean flour features the rich sweet taste of genuine soybeans.

Kanazawa Daichi, Ltd. carefully controls the soil taken over from the predecessor to produce organic soybeans. First, homemade compost in the winter after harvesting enriches the soil. Second, the soybeans grow without any fertilizer being fed into the soil—neither chemical nor organic fertilizer. This fertilizer-free farming enables a crop of sweet and tasty soybeans, getting the very best out of the soil. Soybean flour is made through the process of careful roasting and grinding the soybeans with rich sweetness and taste.

Product category:
Processed agricultural products
Places of origin:
Ishikawa Prefecture
Place of processing:
Package size:
80 g
At room temperature
1 year

The organic soybean flour is made of roasted and ground soybeans—the brand Ayakogane — produced by Kanazawa Daichi Ltd. Only quality soybeans are used; removing any cracked or wrinkled beans ensures that the soybean flour has the rich sweet flavor of genuine soybeans.