Magic Yoghurt

About 25 years ago Japanese friends who visited the Caucasus region gave us a special yoghurt culture which can be used for making fresh yoghurt every day. This type of yoghurt (Matsoni) originates from Georgia where it is used in many dishes and believed to have contributed to the high life expectancy. In Japan it is also known as “Caspian Sea Yoghurt”. Since then we have prepared and enjoyed this yoghurt almost every day at home and also given it to many friends. The culture is still healthy and the yoghurt tastes good. Preparation is very easy by just pouring fresh milk over a spoonful of remaining yoghurt. Depending on the type of milk and fat content the consistency and density of the yoghurt varies. We have experimented with some conventional and also organic yoghurts, but the “magic”did not work until a few weeks ago. After BIOFACH 2014 we went to Istanbul to gather some information about the Turkish market for organic products and visited many companies and shops. Among them was ELTA-ada which produces a variety of organic, mainly dairy products on an island. They gave us several types of tasty cheese and a big jar of delicious yoghurt which we brought back to Japan. ELTA_ADA After almost finishing the yoghurt I had the idea of using the remainder for making new yoghurt, just like the ever-lasting yoghurt described above. My wife was sceptical and thought it would not work, also because we had tried it before with another type of creamy and deliciousTurkish yoghurt which I bought in Germany (where Turkish products can be found in many shops). At first she seemed to be right, and the new yoghurt was very thin, almost like milk. But I did not give up, and after a few days it became thicker and now it is creamy and delicious. It also quite strong and even “competing’’.with our old Matsoni yoghurt which became thinner and weaker, so that we have to keep them apart.   After testing our new yoghurt for a couple of weeks we will give it to friends and acquaintances and thereby spreading ‘’Turkish Yoghurt Culture’’. Perhaps some of you would like to try this experiment and, if successful, can enjoy an inexpensive, delicious and health yoghurt for many years to come.