Media & Trade Fair Partnership

This section briefly introduces (with links) media and trade fair with topics and contents
related to GON. The purpose is to widen the scope of topics in several languages and to attract more readers and visitors. Read more.

GON – Media and Trade Fair Partners
GON has several foreign and Japanese media and trade fair partners with whom we exchange information and links. Among them is OCT, a quarterly publication in English designed to spread the message of all things organic in Japan with a focus on culture and travel. OCT was launched in autumn 2014 and the second issue is scheduled for publication in May 2015.

10 000 copies of the May edition will be distributed together with the monthly magazine “Tokyo Weekender” to major public institutions and facilities in Tokyo. OCT will again have interesting articles and much information of interest to the foreign community.

For the first issue and other information please visit the website below.