Mexico: Organic crops increase by 22% a year

During the last decade, organic farming has proven to be a promising alternative for the Mexican countryside, going from 21,265 planted hectares to 512,246 and a production of about 750,000 tons per year.
According to Juan Jose Linares, director of Standards and Food of the Ministry of Agriculture, even though the production of these products in Mexico is still incipient, they have recorded an average 22% annual growth over the past five years. However, he said, the challenge was to have a 32% increase in production by the end of 2014.
Currently, Mexico exports 85 percent of its organic production mainly to the European and American markets, generating revenues for more than $600 million dollars. The demand for organic products in the domestic market, which is estimated to generate 1,174 million pesos, increases by 10% every year.