Orfarm launches first organic showroom

orfarm-1To celebrate the Christmas season and welcome the New Year, ORFARM officially launched its first Organic Showroom in Hanoi at Building T28 in Thang Long International Village, Tran Dang Ninh Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
With this central location, ORFARM’s showroom is offering the first made-in-Vietnam organic food brand, offered on a farm-to-customer basis and bred following Japanese standards on Bau Chau Organic Farm in Hanoi’s Soc Son district.

All ORFARM products strictly follow Japan’s environmentally-friendly EM technology (effective microorganism), based on the idea of coexistence with native and indigenous microorganisms, not by excluding them. EM technology is good for plants, animals and humans.
Orfarm products ensure three main criteria: non-waste, non-insecticide, and non-stimulus or harmful chemicals.

Orfarm-3EM advanced technology gives farms the potential to suppress putrefactive microorganisms, dominate the sphere, and create re-animated surroundings, which is to say, organics are transformed through the process of fermentation as opposed to putrefaction and living organisms as well as inorganic materials won’t deteriorate.

The prices of Orfarm organic products are higher than non-organics but their value to human health and the environment more than make up for this difference. The products also aim to raise awareness of co-existence and co-prosperity.

Orfarm-5At current, the Orfarm showroom provides organic pork, chicken, eggs, vegetables and cold dishes including Jambon, Klobasa, Salami, sausages, bacon, and more, all processed by a high-tech production line and following European style. To the end of December, Orfarm is offering a special discount of 10 per cent off all products and will be holding a month long promotion in January 2014. Home delivery is available.




Source: www.vir.com.vn