Orfarm opens second organic outlet in Hanoi

Orfarm, the first made-in-Vietnam organic food brand opened its second outlet in Hanoi’s Cau Giay district last week.orfarm opens
Well known as the first Vietnamese organic food brand, Orfarm is offering a direct “Farm to Customer” service, providing raw organic food as well as ready-cooked products sourced from ORFARM organic farms in the outskirts of Hanoi and Dalat Gap Farm in Lam Dong province.

All products with the Orfarm label are grown and bred in accordance with the eco-friendly technology of Japan’s EMRO trademark. EM technology™ (Effective Microorganism) is based on the idea of a coexistence with native and originally-dominant microorganisms, as opposed to an exclusion of them. EM technology boasts no adverse effects and is beneficial to plants, animals, and humans.

Orfarm products are produced according to three main criteria: zero waste, no insecticides, and no stimulants or harmful chemicals.

Using advanced methods, EM technology creates farming conditions whereby putrefactive microorganisms are suppressed and organic materials are enhanced through the process of fermentation as opposed to putrefaction. In addition, living organisms, as well as inorganic materials are equipped with the means to impede deterioration.

The prices of Orfarm’s organic products are higher than the refined or processed products on the market, but this is offset by its precious value to human health and the environment. Furthermore, the products are grown in accordance with the forward-thinking environmental paradigm of co-existence and sustainability.

According to Asami Hisanori, a technical expert with EMRO, Orfarm’s products are a good example of how high-tech methods can be used to solve modern global problems.

Hisanori said that although it was not easy to implement a system that sold directly from the farm to customers, he was “happy that Orfarm can carry out this difficult task while successfully maximising the benefit to customers. Products from here are strictly monitored from the sourcing stage to the final product, and customers can have complete faith in the products’ quality.”

Orfarm’s investors remain confident and consistent in their business approach.

“Apart from the desire to do something meaningful, we are also customers who want clean foods. We think that only truly clean products can ensure the health of the next generation. This ‘human interest’ model is something that should be shared by all current producers,” said Nguyen Lien Ha, a representative of Orfarm.


Source: www.vir.com.vn