Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkin Starter Kit | GON


Menstruation is a regular inconvience of much concern for women. Some women suffer from PMS, menstrual cramps and other side effects caused by chemicals used in disposable paper napkins, and water-absorbing polymers can also cause problems.

Some women may want to try using a cotton napkin, but they are somewhat reluctant because of laundry and comfortable fitting. For them the starter kit is a good choice. Follwing are some comments from satisfied users of organic cotton napkins:

● No rash in sensitive zones
● Lighter menstruation
● Shorter menstrual period
● Reduced odor durring menstruation
● Easy use and washing

Product contents
● Organic cotton napkins with wings(2: large & small )
● Organic cotton napkin with holder
● Washing powder for napkins, sample (30g)
● Organic cotton drawstring bag

The starter kit includes a sample of powder detergent for easy washing of menstrual blood.
All items are packed in an attractive bag made of organic cotton.
Starter kit: ¥ 5,075 ( retail price in Japan ) .
Price of contents (if bought separately): ¥ 6,365


Organic cotton napkin with holder
Organic cotton napkins can be washed and used repeatedly. They are fitted to a waterproof napkin holder
and have excellent to absorbtion.
A liquid absorption sheet with double center is fitted in three dimensions to the body.
Putting on and taking off is simple using a stretch lace made of organic cotton .Plain woven cotton surface with soft touch and T-cotton surface for smooth feeling. Both sides can be used.

100% organic cotton from USA
[Holder] width 17cm, length 21cm
[pad] width 6.8cm, length 18.5cm
Made in Japan


Small and Large Cotton Napkins with Wings
Large and small size set. Because it has excellent absorption, it can also be used for light incontinence.This napkin has a five-layer structure: surface in T-cotton, 2-waffle woven cotton layer with excellent water absorption, tarpaulin, back side made of plain woven cotton

Material :
100% organic cotton from USA
[Tarpaulin] 50% polyurethane, 50% polyester

[large] length 22.4cm, width 13cm
[small] length 22.4cm, width 7.3cm
Made in Japan