Organic Japan at BIOFACH 2014

In our first GON project we focus on Japan: the market and selected products.

Japanese food enjoys a high reputation and is popular all over the world.

Traditional Japanese cuisine (Washoku) – from everyday dishes to luxurious menus – probably will be added to the UNESCO intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Traditional Japanese food is made of natural and nowadays also of certified organic ingredients. Some dishes are elaborate and difficult to prepare, others are simple and can easily cooked at home. Most of them are good for a healthy life, as supported by the long live expectancy of Japanese people, especially women.

Tasty Japanese food is based on tradition, the skill of chefs and housewives and the quality of the ingredients. Some of these ingredients are available in other countries and substitutes can also be used.

However, original Japanese ingredients will bring the best possible results.

At the Japan Pavilion you can find a selection of organic food and beverages, and through GON many more from Japanese farmers and other companies interested in exporting their products.

Products at GON booth

・Organic green tea soluble powder(Sencha):Ujikoen

・Organic roasted green tea:Ujikoen

・Organic Sake AKIRA:Kanazawa-Daichi

・Organic Barley Tea:Kanazawa-Daichi

・Organic Soybean Flour:Kanazawa-Daichi

・Organic Organic Soybeans :Kanazawa-Daichi

・Organic Sake : Tentaka Shuzo

・Organic Spicy Moromi : Tentaka Shuzo

・Organic Rice Mold : Tentaka Shuzo


As representative of NürnbergMesse and co-organizer of BIOFACH Japan (until 2012) we have gathered much information about organic food (and other products) and developed an extensive network with producers, processors and traders in Japan and many other countries.

For more information please visit our booth at the Japan Pavilion in hall 2 (211/311).

Administrator/contact for GON – International
Heinz Kuhlmann /

Administrator/contact for GON – Japan
Mitsuyo Nakamura /