Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2017 – A Highlight for the Organic Movement

GON – as one of the partners in the organizer’s team – is pleased to report that OLE 2017 achieved considerable growth compared with last year and that the B2B2C concept was well received by exhibitors and visitors.

Following is the closing release by the organizers.

The 2nd Organic Lifestyle EXPO/OLE organized by Organic Forum Japan was held on 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun.) July, 2017 at the Tokyo International Forum in central Tokyo. The OLE theme was “Toward the realization of SDGs for sustainable development and promoting Organic 3.0”.

【Many visitors came on both days.】

【Lively communication between exhibitors and visitors.】

This year, the “Organic Forum Symposium / Organic Buyers Meeting” was held for the first time on Friday 28th before the opening of the exhibition. The program included specialized seminars, product displays and business meetings. Thanks to active participation by exhibitors, potential buyers and other stakeholders this event and the exhibition on the following days which was also open to the general consumers were successful and attracted many participants and visitors.

Total number of registered visitors

Overall Scale
Exhibitors: 204 companies • Organizations • Media
Number of Booths: 246

A detailed analysis will be soon on the website. Following is the approximate proportion of exhibitors in several theme zones based on data immediately after closing: 50% food and beverages, 13% body care and cosmetics, 26% living goods including textiles, 11% other products.

The ratio of visitors – pre-registration via the Internet, invitation tickets and day tickets – was about 70% from the general public and 30% business people on both days.

■ First Organic buyers’ and business meetings

The buyers meeting on the 28th before the opening of the exhibition was held from 10:30 to 20:30. Several seminars covered various topics, such as sales promotion strategies, learning from advanced organic countries like the USA, selling organic agricultural products, creation and knowledge of attractive sales floors, ethical cosmetics, fair trade etc. Practical business seminars, such as product development and the concept for SDGs were also held. All participants were invited in the evening to 2 hours of exhibition preview and talking with exhibitors and other guests in the exhibition hall.

For the event described above over 300 business people registered in advance, and the number of actual participants was much higher. This event was very successful and the OLE organizers are planning to hold it again next year and thereafter.

■ OLE 2017 proved again that a B2B2C concept is well received in Japan by business people and the general public, even if the event is held on weekends.

The “Organic lifestyle EXPO” was conceived a B2B2C trade fair with an extensive side program targeting both business people and the general public. For attracting many visitors a good location, such as the Tokyo International Forum in central Tokyo, is also important. Although the exhibition was on the weekend, especially on Saturday many business people such as retailers and restaurant operators came, and active business negotiations took place. On Sunday many general consumers including families with children visited to see, taste and buy natural and organic products and to learn something about the movement.

OLE 2017 started again with the EXPO theme “Organic 3.0” and “SDGs”, followed by international business seminars and presentations which connect organic to the next generation, content-rich seminars and workshops for consumers want to know more about natural and organic food and non-food products. LAWSON, a major repeat exhibitor, again sponsored a painting exhibition of school children.

Over 200 exhibitors presented a wide range of products from organic vegetables, fruits and processed foods to cosmetics, textiles, ethical accessories, daily goods such as dishes and detergents and houses built with natural material without chemicals.

In conclusion: The exhibition and side program pleased both business people and the general public and contributed to the progress of the organic movement and market in Japan.

The 3rd “Organic Lifestyle EXPO” will be held again at the Tokyo International Forum on 22 and 23 September 2018 with an extensive side-program. The organizers will have more time for preparations and expect further growth in size, number of exhibitors and visitors.

Welcome to OLE 2018 on 22 and 23 September 2018 at the Tokyo International Forum.

Organizers: Food Trust Project – LOHAS World – GON (Global Organic Network)