Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2018 closed successfully.


Organic Lifestyle EXPO/OLE
Facts and Figures 2016-2018


The third OLE held on 22 and 23 September 2018 was very successful with more exhibitors and many visitors on both days. In addition to a large variety of Japanese products, many imported products – food, beverages, natural cosmetics etc. – were exhibited OLE is now on the way to become the leading trade fair in Japan for natural and organic products.

FOODEX is much bigger and still has more exhibitors with natural/organic products, but only for organic food and beverages. As the name implies OLE presents a wide range of products and services needed for daily life: Natural cosmetics, body care, detergents, textiles, wooden products and much more.

Furthermore, OLE has an attractive side program with many seminars, presentations and other activities. This program is not limited to the trade fair days and conducted throughout the year and serves to provide information about the global organic movement, products and markets to business people and the general public.In recent years the organic movement and market in Japan have made some progress which will probably continue.

Many foreign producers are interested in the Japanese organic market, and consumers can expect a wider variety of imported products. As a result of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)between the EU and Japan signed in July 2018 and imports with higher volume, the retail prices of organic products will probably also decrease to some extent.

Because of the Olympics, limited exhibition space will be available in 2019/20. Nevertheless, OLE will continue with the same concept (B2B2C) at a suitable venue and also expects some growth. The next OLE is scheduled for 2/3 August 2019 at the NS Building in Shinjuku.

【Organic Food EXPO 2018】

Following a successful trial for a B2B trade show at FABEX 2018, OLE will again participate in the next FABEX held from 17-19 April 2019 at Big Sight with a group of exhibitors offering organic food and beverages.

A detailed Closing Report of OLE 2018 is in preparation and will soon be published.
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