Organic living expo to be held at Sampran Riverside

711079“Bliss Days for the Society”, an expo promoting organic living, will be held at Sampran Riverside, a local hub for tourists in Sam Phran district, Nakhon Pathom province, on Nov 29-30.

The communal resort will offer free entry to its 170-rai grounds, which will be transformed into an organic-lover’s paradise. The event is organised by the Sam Phran District Office; 17 Tambon Administrative Organisations in Nakhon Pathom; the Sangkhom Sukjai Foundation; Sampran Riverside; the Thai Health Promotion Foundation; and the Thailand Research Fund.

Visitors will be able to shop at vintage markets, listen to live music, and take in the vast gardens and scenery of Sampran Riverside, which features traditional Thai and Chinese architecture and a picturesque lake. Local and organic products such as locally grown rice, fruits and vegetables, and products made from Damask roses will be available for purchase.

Sampran Riverside is already home to a regular market that sells locally made and organic products to support local farmers.

711078We hope everyone will bring their families and friends,said Arrut Navaraj, managing director of Sampran Riverside.
Everyone can buy fresh, organic products and learn about the locals ways of life and how to live in good health. By coming here, they will get to learn about growing organic vegetables and how clay houses are built and even get a medical check-up.

There will also be organic food tastings and workshops on healthy ways of living and how to grow organic vegetables. Another highlight is a display of a clay house, which after the event will remain as a permanent installation at Sampran Riverside.

Arrut said he hopes the event will inspire farmers to cease using harmful chemicals to grow their produce. We hope this event will encourage more farmers to convert to organic farming,said Sangwain Akechin, a local organic farmer.

We want to prove to other farmers that there is indeed a market to support them.

Source: Bangkok Post