Organic Vegetarian Night at Crayon House is attracting more foreign guests.

The popular Organic Vegetarian Night is held twice-a-month on Mondays at the Crayon House restaurant. On these evenings, we offer a vegetarian buffet dinner with seasonal products. All ingredients are organic vegetables and seaweeds. The soup stock is vegetarian as well, made of shiitake mushrooms and konbu (kelp).
Crayon House wants to promote the growth of organic agriculture in Japan. Please join us in our efforts and enjoy these delicious organic vegetarian dishes! Reservations accepted.


On the September 28 event, the menu will include:

– Glutinous yam cake with seaweed
– Green curry fried pumpkin and paprika:
– Whole eggplant veggie meat gratin
– Konjac served with miso souce
– The boiled okra and kudzu noodles Japanese style
– Herb fragrant okra, potato salad style
– Rice with red beans / brown rice with sweet potatoes from Miyashita Farm in Kagawa Prefecture
– Vegetarian miso soup with plenty of root vegetables
– Very popular! Lotus root ball

Salad bar

• Date: Monday, Sep. 28  
• Time: 5:30 – 11 p.m.
• Price: (includes tax)
o Adults: ¥2,700
o Children (2 – 6-years-old): ¥756
o Children (7 –12-years-old): ¥1,350