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We want to inform you about the organic trade fair organized as part of the ISOFAR 2015 Goesan International Organic Expo and Industry Fair.

The Goesan Expo will be the largest gathering of the global organic community in 2015 and consists of many events including an organic trade fair and numerous international organic conferences.

IFOAM Asia has been asked to coordinate the participation of foreign organic businesses to the trade fair that will be organized during the Expo.

Exhibitors may also choose the week to exhibit in line with the international organic conferences organized by IFOAM International, IFOAM Asia and ISOFAR.

IFOAM International and IFOAM Asia have signed contracts to organize international conferences during the Expo duration.

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IFOAM – Organics International is organizing two conferences in South Korea to coincide with the Organic Expo South Korea. You can submit an abstract for either or both!

Regional Conference on Marketing & Innovation in Organic Farming


This conference will be held on October 02 – 03, 2015 in Goesan County, South Korea. It will address the varied and successful strategies adopted by organic farming entrepreneurs to ensure their long-term competitiveness.

Submit your abstracts by 24 April 2015 on the following:

  • Farming Strategies
  • Direct Marketing Solutions
  • Extension & Education

Organic 3.0: The Next Phase of Organic Development – Visions, Trends and Innovations


Taking place 9 – 11 October 2015 in Goesan County, South Korea, this conference will examine how the organic sector can and should evolve to meet the challenges of sustaining human society in an ecologically and socially responsible way.

Submit your abstracts by 24 April 2015 on the following:

  • The Future of Organic: Innovation and Evolution of the Organic Sector
  • Mainstreaming Organic
  • Moving from Organic 2.0 to Organic 3.0