French Dressing with Japanese Touch


The Dressing Series use organic ingredients, organic pure rice vinegar as a base and natural groundwater of northern Hiroshima Prefecture, taking advantage of natural tastes and flavor.

The organic pure rice vinegar that forms the base of the dressing is produced at our brewery, whose ingredients are made exclusively by organic rice. The dressings are made through a refined production method that has continued for 80 years since the establishment of Sennari which uses the natural groundwater in northern Hiroshima Prefecture and carefully produces the vinegar with slow maturing steps. Our president actively visits production sites to select organic vegetables and fruits and orders them for the dressings.

Product category:
Organic Dressing
Places of origin:
Hiroshima, Hyogo, Kochi, and other regions
Place of processing:
Hiroshima Prefecture (head factory of Sennari)
Package size:
175 ml
Recommended use:
with one year from the production, store at room temperature


Our products use typical Japanese raw ingredients such as Yuzu (Yuzu: Citrus junos, species of aromatic Asiatic citron), Aojiso, a kind of Japanese sage (green perillra). They have a sesame smell, which goes well with tofu salad and grilled fish.


Organic pure rice vinegar that forms the base of the organic dressings is produced through a manufacturing method, which has been inherited and used since the establishment of Sennari. We make pure sake and then mature it for four months or longer by conventional method of standing fermentation. The vinegar is produced slowly, which adds mellow sourness, body, and flavor.


Rice and water are very important for brewing vinegar. Our president visits production sites and selects JAS certified organic rice. The water is natural groundwater from wells at the factory site. We never use any chemical seasonings or synthetic preservatives. By placing a high priority on the health of people and sustainability of the nature, we produce tasty and safe food.