Shibowei Organic Expo 2015

china-international-green-food-organic-food-exhibition-13423-1 As a famous show in the organic food industry, Shibowei Organic Expo 2015 – 2015 The 18th China International Organic Green Food Industry Expo is to be staged at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Beijing, China during Apr.16-18, 2015.

Shibowei has organized the Organic Food Exposition (Organic Food & Green Food Expo) for 16 years successfully in Beijing and Shanghai. We have huge clients information resources and mature marketing experience and enjoy great popularity in the health industry.

Last year, Shibowei Organic Expo 2014 – 16th China (Beijing) International Organic Food & Green Food Expo broke through 25,000 person-time. Meanwhile, more than 300 exhibitors from 20 countries exhibited more than 1000 new products in the organic industry. It made us see the charming of the organic food industry which was being perfected and see the optimistic prospects of the development of the industry.

Exhibit Scopes:
Organic food: Organic fruits and vegetables, organic rice, organic miscellaneous grain crops, organic nuts, organic raw materials and semi-finished products, organic meat, milk, seafood products, organic convenient food, organic frozen food, organic children food, organic health food and cooked food etc;
Organic beverages: Olive oil ,Organic tea, juice and drink, organic coffee, organic grape wine, beer, fruit wine, white wine, rice wine, all kinds of organic milk powder, dairy products and soy milk products, plant extracts, etc.
Organic Condiments: Soy sauce and vinegar, gourmet powder and chicken Powder, onion, ginger, garlic, powder, condiment oil, condiment sake, natural perfume, composite condiment series;
Technology and equipments of organic food: Food freezing, cleaning and sterilization, disinfection, preservation, processing packaging technology and equipment
Organic production: seedlings and seeds, pesticides and land protection, soil improvement Products, breeding material, feed, etc.
Organic herbs: Puerarin, Dencichine, Various organic herbal medicines.
Organic Products: Natural cosmetics, Organic textile, Organic cotton fabric、Organic forest product, Organic toys, organic leather, Organic furniture, Soapberry soap, Tea seed powder, Activated carbon, Starch toothpick, Pure natural fruit enzyme etc.
Organic Products: Natural cosmetics, Organic textile, Organic cotton fabric, Organic forest product, Organic toys, organic leather, Organic furniture, Soapberry soap, Tea seed powder, Activated carbon, Starch toothpick, Pure natural fruit enzyme etc.

Visitor’s Profile:
1, The national government offices, enterprises and institutions, Logistics Department of General Administration of Sport .China, Embassies in China and foreign enterprises groups, foreign buyers, Import and Export trading companies, domestic large enterprises, Food production and processing bases, industry associations and professional buyers of media cooperation organization etc;

2, large health-care institutions, e-commerce on-line shop, Shopping center just for organic food , show and salling center of organic food , agents, dealers, traders, etc.

3, Large supermarkets (such as wal-mart, Carrefour, Wumart, Hualian, Merrymart, Century Mart, trust-mart, Auchan, Lotus, Ht-store, Beijing Jingkelong , Metro, Cathay Pacific Department Store, liqun shop, JIAN-MART, 2688,, DUHUB etc), organic food stores, chain and business counters, gift shop, community chain supermarkets and convenience stores, etc.

4, Star hotel, business clubs, bars, places of entertainment, western restaurant, clubs, holiday village, resthome and other important group purchasing units etc

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