Succeeding in the Japanese Organic Market (Video)

claskaSucceeding in the Japanese organic market was a key topic of a press conference organized by OmochaBako (OB) – a major distributor of organic products. The event took place at a multi-function building including a hotel where the guest speakers stayed. Prior to the press conference presentations and meetings with dealers were held.

With well over 100 participants the press conference generated much interest and was very successful for this kind of topic. OB had invited three companies for the press conference and other sales promotion events. They were pleased to come to Japan which is their most important export market. Products displayed by Martina Gebhardt SonnentoR and sonnet.

productsAll three companies adhere to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and the demanding high-quality standards of biodynamics and Demeter.

In Germany and other countries Martina’s products are well known for their high quality and adherence to strict standards – 100% free of animal substances and chemicals. Martina escribed in her lively presentation how she became interested in natural cosmetics, started with the evelopment and production of her own products and gradually achieved success in Germany and abroad.

SonnentoR is a leading Austrian producer and distributor of a wide range of herbal teas, sweets and other organic products. The presentation illustrated how herbs and other raw materials are grown, harvested and processed by local people. Company’s motto is:
“If the sun shines on you, let it shine on others too!”

More than 30 years ago the founders of sonett became very concerned by the increasing water pollution in rivers and lakes, caused to a great extent by chemical including detergents. They decided to do something about this problem and developed unique effective detergents which use pure water and are 100% chemical-free. (These products which have no detrimental effects to the skin and textiles are nowadays used by environment-conscious consumers in Germany and other countries including Japan.)

後でAfter the presentations many participants talked with Martina, the other foreign guests and OB. The ladies were especially interested in truly natural cosmetics. The participants were impressed by the high-quality products and their success in the demanding Japanese market.
This may come as a surprise to many other foreign producers who are interested in this market but are struggling to achieve good results.