Three Brands of Organic Refined Sake from Tentaka Shuzo


Tentaka Shuzo, a sake brewery, is a pioneer of organic refined sake in Japan. President Munenori Ozaki, follower of a traditional sake brewery, and Kouetsu Sugumachi, an experienced toji (master brewer), began to produce organic refined sake in 1999.

Tentaka—organic refined sake obtained organic certification in Japan, the EU, and the U.S. and brews the sake from only rice and rice koji. All of its rice is “organic rice” in compliance with the Organic JAS law. The sweetness, savory taste (umami), and mildness—three key characteristics of organic rice—feature the organic refined sake. To maintain these qualities of the organic rice, Tentaka Shuzo pays keen attention to its brewing process. For example, we carefully choose sake brewing equipment from machinery and appliances to washing brushes through our examination of materials whether they maintain the organic criteria.

Product category:
Japanese sake
Places of origin:
Tochigi, Japan
Place of processing:
Package size:
720 ml
15℃ or less recommended


Tentaka produces three types of organic refined sake. To brew good sake, we use the core part of rice grains, which contains purer starch. Tentaka has early addressed rice grain grinding to exploit the core part. We provide “Junmai-Daiginjo,” which is brewed from the rice polished to 45%, “Junmai-Ginjo”, made from the rice with a polishing level of 50%, and “Junmaishu”, made from the rice with a 60% polishing level.


You can enjoy cold sake, sake on the rocks, or warm sake (about 43℃) with meals. Rich Junmaishu suits meat dishes, delicate and mild Junmai-Ginjo is for fish dishes or marinated dishes, and tasty, rich and light Junmai-Daiginjo for vegetable dishes. Enjoy your favorite combinations.


A sake tasting event, in which 43 Japanese sake breweries participated, was held at United Nations headquarters in New York on November 1, 2013. Tentaka also participated in this event and exhibited one brand of Junmai-Daiginjo, though it is not organic refined sake.
Tentaka is a sake brewery with solid expertise which is documented by winning 12 times the Gold Prize.
in the National New Sake Award competition.