All-around Seasoning Tentaka Organic Spicy Moromi Attracting Attention of Chefs Worldwide


Tentaka Organic Spicy Moromi is a seasoning made of matured rice malt for brewing high quality sake with natural ingredients such as soy sauce, sake and red peppers. The rice malt is a yeast-like fungus called aspergilli fermented with rice. The Tentaka Organic Spicy Moromi is gaining attention as an all-around seasoning that is suited for all dishes from Japanese and Chinese to Western.

The words expressing the secret of the palatability of Japanese dishes, “umami (a savory taste),” “dashi (Japanese soup stock)” and “koku (richness of taste),” are nowadays well known all over the world. The rice malt is the source of palatability since it is believed to generate some 200 substances constituting the sources of taste and aroma. Tentaka Organic Spicy Moromi is made from rice malt added with locally-bred red peppers to add a little kick in flavor, resulting in a natural and delicious taste. Just adding it to the food on a plate compliments the dish; mixing it in dressing or sauce dramatically improves the taste of dishes, as well.

Product category:
Places of origin:
Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
Place of processing:
Package size:
70 g
At room temperature


Mild spicy sauce
2 tablespoons Tentaka Organic Spicy Moromi
1 tablespoon olive oil
– mixed with smashed garlic for garlic toasts
– for spaghetti aglio e olio peperoncino
– for salad dressing


Mayonnaise sauce
1 tablespoon Tentaka Organic Spicy Moromi
2 tablespoons Mayonnaise
– for dip sauce for fresh or heated vegetables
– for French fry sauce
– mixed with canned tuna for open sandwiches


Sour sauce
2 tablespoons Tentaka Organic Spicy Moromi
4 tablespoons Balsamic vinegar
– for fried chicken sauce
– for fish meunière sauce
– dressed to sweet-and-sour pork or stir-fried vegetables