The 1st Organic Lifestyle EXPO held in Tokyo is on the way to success

The OLE press conference held on 1st September was attended by 29 journalists from mass media and trade journals. An additional 14 media which could not attend requested a press release and information material.



Press Release

September 2016

Experience Organic 3.0 at the 1st Organic Lifestyle EXPO
November 18-19 at Tokyo International Forum!

IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), which supports organic farming movements throughout the world, declared at the BIOFACH organic trade fair held in Nuremberg, Germany, in February 2016 the shift to the next phase of organic development (Organic 3.0). Organic 1.0 refers to the initial phase of the movement launched by our organic pioneers, which lasted from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century, followed by Organic 2.0 starting in the 1970s, during which knowledge was codified into standards and popularized, giving rise to a market that now exceeds US$72 billion a year. The next phase is Organic 3.0, in which we will aim to break new ground with all those who strive, beyond certification, for sustainability.

Organic Lifestyle EXPO (OLE), which will be held on November 18-19 at Tokyo International Forum, is one of the first trade fairs to implement Organic 3.0.

OLE is supported by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

■ Organic Lifestyle — pleasant for mind and body

OLE is a trade fair organized on the concept of B2B2C which connects producers and distributors with consumers and other stakeholders. The exhibits cover a wide range of products and necessities for daily life: Food and beverages, body care, ethical organic cosmetics, textiles, household goods and much more. Visitors can also learn about the organic movement and gather information. The organizers and their supporters believe that it is very important to welcome and involve the general public to ensure a continuous growth of the organic movement and market.

The exhibits are classified according to an original scheme unique to OLE covering many different themes, such as Taste, Nurture, Wear, Care, Heal, Live, Protect and Revive. As of 15th September 131 booths in the hall have been booked by 80 exhibitors plus co-exhibitors. The outdoor space will feature over 50 shopping tents for organic farmers and distributors. Furthermore, there are 10 booths in the lobby gallery for associations and media.

■ Participation criteria for ensuring appropriateness of exhibits and information

OLE is held at Tokyo International Forum, an easily accessible venue not only for business participants, but also for consumers, who hold the key to the expansion of the organic market. Since products will also be offered for sale, impartial exhibition criteria have been established for exhibits in order to ensure a high level of reliability for exhibition contents.

The exhibition criteria for OLE include Organic JAS certification, authentication of natural and organic cosmetics and textiles through various types of certification, such as Fairtrade, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Rainforest, and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), as well as thorough audits by first-, second, and third-party certification, with the collaboration of experts in each field in line with the concept of Organic 3.0, which is set to become a global trend.

There will be information booths providing information regarding the above certification bodies at the venue, as well as seminars regarding the certification marks currently circulating in the market, giving both industry players and consumers opportunities to deepen their knowledge about certification.

■ Organizer theme zones focused on native seeds and animal welfare

Theme zones designed by the organizers, with sponsor support from Radish Boya and Lawson/Natural Lawson, will feature information and companies from all over Japan related to seeds and animal welfare which are the cornerstones of organic farming for the future.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about native seeds and animal welfare they have had little exposure to, and then participate in related events where they will be able to taste the actual products in the kitchen studio.

Further, the ingredients used in the boxed lunches sold at the venue include ones produced based on the concepts presented in the theme zones.

■ Many seminars and stage programs including overseas organic market trends from Organic 3.0, cooking shows (with food and beverage tastings), fashion shows, chair yoga classes, and much more

The OLE seminars and stage programs will commence with a keynote session titled “Organic 3.0.” Mostly business-related events will be held on the 18th and in addition many events for consumers on the 19th.

OLE events featuring immediately applicable content, including various panel discussions such as “Latest Trends among Organic Retailers” featuring panelists from Natural Lawson, AEON, Life and others. Current activities and trends for natural and organic cosmetics will also be presented, among them a seminar titled “Domestic ingredients and support for local farmers”.

, “Food procurement standards for the Olympics and Paralympics,” “Creating Distinctive Local & Organic Sales Areas,” and “Organic: What to Know About Certification Systems and the Basics of Labeling.”

* Titles are translated from Japanese and subject to changes.

Concurrent with OLE the venue will also host the “Kids’ Award—My Food Painting Contest” based on food and environment themes. This event connects with OLE for increasing awareness and interest among the young generation.

“Organic 3.0 | for truly sustainable farming & consumption,” a booklet translated under the supervision of IFOAM Japan will also be available at the venue.

The next Organic Lifestyle EXPO will be held on July 26-27 (Sat/Sun) 2017

with more space in two halls. Exhibitor recruitment has already started.



1st Organic Forum JAPAN and Organic Lifestyle EXPO

Date: November 18, 2016 (Friday) and 19 (Saturday) Time 10:00 to 17:00

Venue: Tokyo International Forum Exhibition Hall 1 and outdoor space

Admission fee: 1,000 yen including tax / pre-registration free

Visitor target: 30,000 visitors – business, consumers and students

Exhibition scale:

(Indoor): Standard booth (W 3 m × D 2 m) about 140 booths

(Outdoor): Market tent with 50 simple stands (W 2 m × D 2 m)

Organizer: Organic Forum Japan Inc.

Organizing partner: FTP / GON / LOHAS WORLD

Supported by : The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Management: Organic Forum Japan Secretariat

Officeal website: