The Netherlands: BioFach 2015 country of the year






 (Picture: the expansion is going on with the modern EkoPlaza organic supermarket chain)

Author: Kai Kreuzer  Source: Biofach/NürnbergMesse

Every year at the beginning of May the heart of the Netherlands is engulfed by a rush of colour, with many square miles north of Amsterdam blooming with tulips, narcissi and hyacinths that captivate visitors from every corner of the planet with their beauty. Among the bulb and cut flower growers there are organic producers, who sell their products all over the world. The Netherlands is an export-oriented country – and this doesn’t just apply to flowers, but also to other industries such as the food sector. The country’s organic industry has developed into a professional partner for both national and international companies in wholesale or retail. Reason enough to be presented as the BioFach country of the year from from 11–14 February 2015. The world’s leading trade fair for organic food has seen 2,263 exhibitors and 42,445 visitors celebrating in fitting fashion when the fair took place for the 25th time in 2014.