Yano Economic Research Institute has conducted a survey on the Japanese organic food market

YANO – Organic Market Survey 2018
(Press Release – Summary)

The domestic organic food market in 2017 has grown by 2.3% to 178.5 billion Yen, which reflects an increase of 1 to 2% during recent years. It is expected that the understanding and demand for organic food will grow because of hosting the Tokyo Olympics • Paralympic Games.

Yano Research Institute Inc. (President: Takashi Mizukoshi) investigated the domestic organic food market in 2017 and analyzed the trends by sector and category, entrant trends, future prospects
“2018 Edition of organic food market Current situation and future prospect “.
Below, we present an outline based on the press release and website.

Trends and Forecast of Organic Food Market

Source: Yano Research Institute, “Survey ofthe Organic Food Market (2018)” published on October 30, 2018


Handling / Usage of Organic Foods

Source: Yano Research Institute, “Survey of the Organic Food Market (2018)” published on October 30, 2018

1. Market Overview

The survey showed that the domestic organic food market in 2017for agricultural products and processed foods has grown by 2.3% to 178.5 billion yen. The ratio of organic produce to processed food is roughly 3: 7.

In recent years, the organic processed foods market has shrunk slightly since 2014 when the consumption tax rate was raised from 5% to 8%, but the market continues to expand by 1 to 2% per year in other areas.
2. Featured topics

Handling / Usage of Organic Foods (Agricultural Products, Processed Foods, etc.)
For this market survey, we conducted telephone interview with 100 companies of organic food users (retailers, food preparation companies, hotels, restaurants, etc.)

According to the survey results, 49.0% said “always handling / using”, “it will be handled / used according to times” (6.0%), the majority of dealers handled it.

On the other hand, 44.0% answered “we have dealt sometimes or never used them”.
3. Future outlook

The organic food market will continue to grow gradually in the future, and is expected to expand domestic/inbound demand in 2020 when the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games are held.

Also after that, the recognition of organic food rises with the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, and demand for ordinary consumers’ organic foods is expected to increase with the introduction of convenient processed foods (internal food) and organic restaurants (dining out).We estimate the size of the domestic organic food market in 2022 to reach 196,410 million yen, plus 11.0% compared to 2017 year.


What is organic food market

The organic food market in this study consists of organic agricultural products and organic processed foods. Agricultural products are based on producers sales, and processed foods are calculated on a retail price basis.

Organic agricultural products include vegetables, rice, green tea, etc. Organic processed foods include alcoholic beverages, drinks, processed livestock products, processed agricultural products, noodles, seasonings, frozen foods, other processed foods (retort pouch foods, confectionery and desserts ,cereals, supplements, etc.).

Products and services included in the market survey
Organic produce, Organic processed food
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